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Hello coders, designers and other gaming enthousiasts!

This is a guide to help you get more answers and reactions in your topics.
If you follow these guidelines your question should be resolved more quickly, I can give no guarantee though.

So let’s go ahead:

1. Be specific. We can’t help if you say something like ‘I want to create this game, so how do I do that?’. Instead ask us something like ‘Would it be better to use a rigidbody or custom scripting for playermovement?’.

2. We are here to help, not as your script take-away.
If you want a specific script, go ahead and make it. If you need help, you know where to find us.

3. Use google first.
There’s a great chance that you’re not the first to encounter your problem and someone might have asked about it before. If you can’t find anything or you’re still not sure on how to tackle your problem, go ahead and open a topic.

4. If you have a problem with coding, be sure you follow the following lines:
1. Be sure to include the code where the problem arrises. Not the entire script, just the important code.
2. Use code tags for your code, which are located on the right side of the bar with the Bold, Italic, underline, etc. buttons on it. It looks like: ‘< >’.
3. Tell us what the error message(s) is, if any.
4. Say what language you’re using. Most experienced coders can see what it is, but for novice programmers it’s good to know.

5. If you want to show your game, then actually show something.
Provide screenshots, the storyline or even a demo! Make us want to play your game.

6. We expect you to put effort in your own problem. Tell us what you’ve tried yourself and what you think the problem might be.

7. Don’t bump your topic within 24 hours, you won’t reach anything with it and it’s just generally annoying. After a day has passed, it’s fine to bump.

8. Show a picture with visual problems.
It’s good to describe a visual glitch/bug/ploblem, but it’s even better to show it! You can show an image by clicking the image button in the text editor. Don’t worry, it’s not disabled. Just paste the link in the box at the righthand side. (The link has to end with .jpg/.png/.gif/etc..)

These are just guide-lines, not actual rules. They cannot be enforced, but you should use them for your own good. If you feel like someone needs some help with his topic, just link this page so he can improve it with these tips.
If you have any suggestions, comments or critique, just reply. I would love some of your feedback.

Thanks for reading, and happy coding!

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